By Shirly Ronen Harel

A practical way of getting daily tasks done and enhancing family communication. Agile Kids is the book every modern family needs, with both parents with full time jobs, and children who need their attention. An essential part of your child’s development is his ability to choose, be independent and control what happens in his life, and parents need to encourage that independence. Agile Kids will show you how to empower your children without losing your parental authority, through a collection of practical actions. Each chapter can stand alone, and offers practical advice you can act on straight away. The methods described in the book are is effective at teaching values and respect to others, and applies to public and home schooled  children alike. So enjoy

“A child needs boundaries. Not just because we want to, but also because it’s better for them”

Have You ever wonder how to motivate your kids?

Enjoy Family time

All family member get together in the end of the day. agile kids teach you how to clean the daily tasks and get the valuable time with your family.

Talking insteat arguing

We can make a full dialog with our kids without get angry on each other and make some fun evening .

Follow & control tasks

We can see everybody tasks and help in the progress by using simple kanban and scrum techniques.

Agile Kids

Don't wait another day EMPOWER you kids


Agile Kids Book


Practical way to deal with kids tasks

Also,in Spanish,hebrew & russian